Tetragrammaton Poster

Download Higher Resolution Image HERE (9300 by 4600 pixels, 11mb) Please note this higher res poster download is not what we print from, the print we use is legible as it is printed from a vector based file.

Information regarding the Poster

The 7000+ times Gods' name appears in the Bible is highlighted in red on every occasion on this poster.

The Bible translation used is the American Standard Version (ASV). It was released in 1901 and with the expired copyright, it is now in the public domain.

The Posters are printed on high quality 160 gsm poster paper.

The Posters make an ideal and original gift and they can be framed or mounted around the home.

Rainbow Poster Parchment Poster Tetragrammaton Poster

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Click HERE for video of Bible text flying onto the poster.

Click HERE for image of Tetragrammaton poster mounted.